DRB MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS DIGITAL NEWS(021421)-MCH Booster Shot Appointment Update for Monday

ODESSA, TEXAS/FEBRUARY 14, 2021-The booster shot appointments at both locations (JBS and W. University) for Monday, February 15, will still go on as scheduled. HOWEVER, we are in the process of calling EVERYONE who has a Monday appointment to give them the option to either keep their appointment OR reschedule their appointment. We have several staff calling these people as we speak to get this taken care of. If you could please reiterate to anyone who has a Monday appointment, DO NOT call the 640-2747 number to re-schedule. We will call them! We want to keep that line open for those who are still trying to make new appointments. We would also like to reiterate that we have plenty of staff working to call people back and a completely separate staff answering the hotline.

Author: Danny Barrera

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