Odessa, Texas/August 20,2022-Ector County Acceleration Academy has partnered with Ector County ISD to serve students who are about to finish their high school diploma. Acceleration Academy, the first in Texas started in February with a small group of 40 to 50 students from ECISD, and has grown to approximately 165 students. 

(Virginia Hunt, Director-Acceleration Academy at Ector County ISD) 

During her senior year at Odessa HIgh School, Mariah Arriaga received devastating news, that she did not have enough credits to graduate. The stress of the bad news caused her to develop mental issues, anxiety and a lack of desire to attend school, even for a half a day. 

(Mariah Arriaga, Graduate-Ector County Acceleration Academy/ECISD) 

Ector County ISD helped Mariah Arriaga transfer to the Ector County Acceleration Academy, where she was able to begin her journey to graduation, as well as receive medical treatment for her anxiety and other issues. 

(Mariah Arriaga, Graduate-Ector County Acceleration Academy/ECISD) 

Students throughout the U.S. have fallen through the cracks for any number of reasons. The Acceleration Academy is a safety net for school districts to help students fulfill the requirements for graduation. 

(Mark Graves, Chief Engagement Officer Acceleration Academies) 

Mariah Arriaga’s goal is to be part of the medical community as a nurse, and plans to attend Odessa College. 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera. 

Author: Danny Barrera

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