Ector County ISD School Nutrition Host Food Show & Exhibition-DRB Media Communications Digital News

Odessa, Texas/October 29, 2022-Ector County ISD School Nutrition hosted a Food Show and Exhibition at the Odessa Marriott and Conference Center. Students and their families were involved in the menu process by sampling the various food items from the biggest names in food service. 

(Erika Chavez, Parent-Odessa, Texas) 

Students like their lunches to be visually appealing. Ector County ISD School Nutrition makes an effort to accommodate hungry students. 

(Jieun Pando, Director-Ector County ISD School Nutrition-Odessa, Texas) 

The samples from the food service vendors were very tasty and appealing to some students at the event. 

(Kenny Arias, Student-Sam Houston Elementary-Ector County ISD-Odessa, Texas) 

(Haley Cross, Senior-Odessa High School-Ector County ISD-Odessa, Texas) 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera 

Author: Danny Barrera

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