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Odessa, Texas/November 23, 2022-During the regularly scheduled meeting of the Odessa City Council the new council was sworn into office. Gilbert Vasquez, District 3; Greg Connell, District 4, and Chris Hanie, District 5. The Oath of Office was administered by the Honorable Judge Bill McCoy. 

The new City Council addressed and considered the ordinance outlawing abortion, and declaring Odessa a Sanctuary City for The Unborn. Councilman District 5, Chris Hanie read biblical scriptures during the public meeting of the city council as a way to voice his support and approval of the Sanctuary City for the Unborn Ordinance. 

(Chris Hanie, District 5-Odessa City Council, Odessa, Texas) 

During a city council work session in January 5th, 2021, a discussion was held with the previous council regarding the Sacturary City for the Unborn ordinance. That council did not want to consider this ordinance. The newly sworn-in members of the Odessa Council approved the ordinance 5 to 1. 

(Javier Joven, Mayor-City of Odessa/Odessa, Texas 

City Councilman, District 2, Steve Thompson voted against the ordinance two years ago and voted against the ordinance at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

(Steve Thompson, Councilman, District 2-City of Odessa, Texas) 

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