Odessa City Council Terminates City Manager and City Attorney-Overview

Odessa, Texas/December 15, 2022-On Tuesday evening, December 12th, the Odessa City Council held its regular scheduled meeting. After the Proclamations, Presentations and the Awards section of the agenda, Mayor Javier Joven and the council addressed and discussed the terminations of the City Attorney and the City Manager. The Odessa City Council voted 5 to 2 for the termination of the City Manager, Michael Marrero and 5 to 2 on the termination of City Attorney Natasha Brooks. 

(Video Provided by: City of Odessa, Texas) 

After the termination of the City Attorney and City Manager a dispute and shouting exchange erupted between Mayor Javier Joven and attorney Gavin Norris. 

(Nat Snd) 

Former Odessa City Council members Filiberto Gonzales and Deitra White, Hispanic Heritage of Odessa director, Carol Uranga, as well as Gene Collins addressed Mayor Joven and the City Council and voiced their opposition to the termination of employment of Michael Marrero and Natasha Brooks.   

(Gene Collins, Pastor/Leader-NAACP-Odessa, Texas) 

Gavin Norris addressed the City Council and declared a federal law suit against the city and each member of the City Council. Norris, then called out Councilman, District 1 Mark Matta of not representing properly District 1 which is in the southside of Odessa. 

(Nat Snd) 

(Gaven Norris, Attorney/The Gaven Norris Law Firm-Odessa, Texas) 

Casey Hallmark, Executive Director of Downtown Odessa, Inc made accusations of alleged bullying by Mayor Javier Joven and by Odessa City Councilman, District 5 Chris Hanie against her as well as other accusations. 

(Casey Hallmark, Executive Director-Downtown Odessa, Inc. – Odessa, Texas) 

At the end of the Odessa City Council meeting Mayor Joven did not take any questions, but made a statement to media. 

(Javier Joven, Mayor-Odessa City Council/Odessa, Texas) 

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