The Permian Strategic Partnership Provides Funding for the Odessa College Truck Driving Academy

Odessa, Texas/January 19, 2023-Odessa College and the Permian Strategic Partnership announced the OC Truck Driving Academy, that will educate students of the program, through classroom and hands-on-training to acquire their CDL License after graduation. 

(Tracee Bentley, President/CEO-Permian Strategic Partnership) 

The Odessa College Truck Driving Academy received a donation of Three Million, five hundred thousand dollars to help expand the Truck Driving Program to accommodate over two hundred students and more for the future. 

(William Church, Director-CDL Truck Driving Program-Odessa College/Odessa, Texas) 

The Permian Strategic Partnership is made up of twenty companies who invest and provide funding to the partnerships that the PSP is involved-promoting: Health, Education and Business. 

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Author: Danny Barrera

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