The One Eleven Project Holds Car Wash Fundraiser Event to Bring Fentanyl Awareness Issue

Odessa, Texas/July 9, 2023-The One-Eleven Project is a nonprofit organization founded by Michelle Watson, that brings awareness to the fentanyl problem affecting the community. The organization held a car wash fundraiser event on Saturday, July 8th at La Playa and Tequilas parking lot. Proceeds raised from the car wash will go towards rehabilitation costs, in-school presentations, print costs and educational materials. 

(Michelle Watson, Founder-The One-Eleven Project/Odessa, Texas) 

According to The One-Eleven Project 1 person dies from fentanyl every 11 minutes. Michelle Watson lost her 20-year-old son, Malichai to fentanyl and is on a quest to keep his memory alive by educating the public about the dangers of fentanyl. 

(Michelle Watson, Founder-The One-Eleven Project/Odessa, Texas) 

Several vendors came to support the One-Eleven Project car wash event, selling a wide range of juices, food, collectibles and sporty apparel. 

(Heather Lopez, Owner/Operator-Liquid Latino/Odessa, Texas) 

(Jay Lopez, Owner/Operator-Liquid Latino/Odessa, Texas) 

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