Benito & Teresa Ramos Ector County Library Exhibit/Hispanic Heritage Month Festivities

Odessa, Texas/October 2, 2023-Hispanic Heritage Month is currently underway with a wide variety of activities now through October 15th. The Ector County Library hosted a sneak peek of the life of Benito and Teresa Ramos. The small display features tools used for carpentry and Teresa’s artwork. Benito and Teresa Ramos were decades-long residents of Odessa living on the south side on the infamous Magnolia Street.  

(Monica Benson, Granddaughter, Benito & Teresa Ramos Family) 

The descendants of Benito and Teresa Ramos want visitors who come to the exhibit to get a snapshot of the life and times, struggles and successes of the Ramos Family. 

(Monica Benson, Granddaughter, Benito & Teresa Ramos Family) 

Long time southside of Odessa residents were treated to a luncheon hosted by Ajuua’s Mexican Food Restaurant and several home healthcare medical companies. Residents talked about life in their early years living in Odessa. 

(Carol Uranga, Executive Director-Hispanic Heritage of Odessa/Odessa, Texas) 

The festivities continued into the night at Dos Amigos with food, drinks and with Mariachis and other entertainment. Mayor Javier Joven presented El Grito De Independencia-the beginning of Mexico Independence on September 15th. 

(Alba Estrada, Realtor-Event Organizer/Hispanic Heritage Month-” El Grito de Independencia) 

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For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera. 

Author: Danny Barrera

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