Work for a Cause Not Applause Community Event-Praise and Worship Christmas Concert

Odessa, Texas/December 23, 2023-Mayor Javier Joven and the City of Odessa recently held an event called WORK FOR A CAUSE, NOT APPLAUSE. Residents came out to the former Hollywood Theatre location inside Music City Mall to meet Officers with the Odessa Police Department and Odessa Fire Rescue. Several non-profit and faith-based non-profit organizations were part of the event, providing information of community services offered. 

(Javier Joven, Mayor-City of Odessa, Texas) 

A praise and worship Christmas concert was also held near the Carousel area of Music City Mall. 

(Jake Sanchez, Musician-Event Organizer/Work for a Cause, Not Applause Event-Music City Mall/Odessa, Texas) 

Kids and families enjoyed hot coco and received freebees and goodies in celebration of the Christmas Season. 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera. 

Author: Danny Barrera

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