Ector County Republican Precinct Chair Kickoff Hosted by Jimbo’s Garage

Odessa, Texas/January 18, 2024-Jimbo’s Garage in Odessa, Texas recently hosted the Republican Precinct Chair kick-off, where approximately 150 people came out to the meet and greet event. 

(Donna Kelm, Ector County Republican Women Club President-Candidate-Ector County Republican Chair) 

Candidates attending the event were introduced to guests. Each candidate voiced why they were running. 

(Ronnie Lewis, Republican-Candidate for Precinct Chair 203) 

 Several candidates are running unopposed, while others are running against more established precinct chairs. 

(Richard Pierce, Ector County Republican, Running for Re-Election, Precinct Chair 204) 

(Dallas Kennedy, Ector County Republican-Candidate-Ector County Precinct Chair 110) 

Follow your candidates on social media for information and upcoming events. 

 For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera. 


Author: Danny Barrera

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