City of Odessa Ends Funding to Downtown Odessa, Inc-Returns as an Independent Nonprofit Corporation

Odessa, Texas/March 18, 2024-Odessa, Texas/March 18, 2024-During a recent meeting of the Odessa City Council, City Manager John Beckmeyer presented a resolution to the council to cut the funding and support to Downtown Odessa, Inc. and removing the organization from the City of Odessa. 

(John Beckmeyer, City Manager-City of Odessa, Texas) 

Downtown Odessa, Inc was originally called Main Street Odessa, a non-profit Corporation that presented 

events downtown that included the summer bash 4th of July center piece Firecracker Fandango. The organization is currently located inside Municiple Plaza. A previous Odessa City Council Administration brought the non-profit corporation to the City of Odessa as a department. It is unknown if Downtown Odessa, Inc., will be able to remain at Municiple Plaza. 

(John Beckmeyer, City Manager-City of Odessa, Texas) 

Several longtime Odessa residents that included a Downtown Odessa, Inc Board 

member and a Downtown Odessa business owner voiced their support of Downtown Odessa, Inc as a City department. 


(Business Owner) 

(Board Member) 

There is a Task Force made up of several City of Odessa department heads that include the Communications Director are now looking at unessential programs within the Odessa Police Department. 

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