Congressman August Pfluger and EPA Region 6 Administrator Hold Meeting

Midland, Texas/May 12, 2024-Congressman August Pfluger representing the 11th District of Texas along with State Representative Brooks Landgraf, State Senator, District 31 Kevin Sparks and City of Midland Mayor Lori Blong held a special meeting with Dr. Earthea Nance, Regional Administrator for EPA’s Region 6. Dr. Nance and her team went to a tank battery site on an educational tour to learn of the emissions reductions the Permian Basin is leading in all areas of Production. 

(August Pfluger, U.S. Congressman-11th District of Texas) 

The emphasis and goal of the meeting with Dr. Nance, and representatives is to work together, especially with the increase in production to fuel the globe 

(August Pfluger, U.S. Congressman-11th District of Texas) 

Diamondback Energy provided the tour location of their facilities to Dr. Nance and to Congressman Pfluger and State and local representatives to educate Dr. Nance the advancement in technologies developed by the industry to improve air and other emissions. 

(Kevin Sparks, State Senator-District 31/Texas) 

(Lori Blong, Midland Mayor-City of Midland/Texas)

(Brooks Landgraf, State Representative-District 81/Texas0

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