0:00 / 1:54 The Desert Hawk Football and Odessa Fire Rescue Welcomes Home Young Penelope Cisneros

Odessa, Texas/May 31, 2024-The Desert Hawks Football Team and the Odessa Fire Department gathered at Burnett Elementary to form a caravan to welcome young Penelope Cisneros who is battling kidney cancer. 

(Steve Garcia, Engineering Department-City of Odessa/Odessa, Texas) 

Members of the Desert Hawks Football team along with the team’s mascot celebrated in front of young Penelope Cisneros’ home along with her parents, family and friends. 

(Zack Bugg, Owner-Desert Hawks Football-Odessa, Texas) 

(Chris Siegfried, Head Coach-Desert Hawks Football-Odessa, Texas) 

 Penelope Cisneros was diagnosed in late March of this year with Wilms Tumor, a kidney cancer found in children. She began treatment in April and now able to continue her treatment in Midland. 

(Jennefer, Penelope Cisneros’ Mother-Lives in Odessa, Texas) 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera. 

Author: Danny Barrera

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