Odessa City Council-Classification & Compensation Study Update From Evergreen Solutions LLC-DRB Media Communications Digital News

Odessa, Texas/October 12, 2022-During the regular scheduled meeting of the Odessa City Council, the council heard a project update by Evergreen Solutions LLC regarding the public safety classification and compensation study. The Odessa City Council had voted in an earlier City Council meeting to hire a consultant to do a compensation study. The Study includes the Odessa Police Department, and Public Safety Communications, but focuses on Odessa Fire Rescue. 

(John Alvarez, Fire Chief-Odessa Fire Rescue-Odessa, Texas) 

The Odessa Fire Department has lost around 32 firefighters within this year to higher paying oil and gas jobs. 

(Denise Swanner, Council Member At-Large-Odessa City Council-Odessa, Texas) 

Denise Swanner, Odessa City Council Member At-Large said the council believes there is money available for the much-needed raises to Odessa Fire Rescue. 

(Denise Swanner, Council Member At-Large-Odessa City Council-Odessa, Texas) 

Evergreen Consultants LLC informed the Odessa City Council answers regarding the study would be available within 2 to three weeks. 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera