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Ector County/Gardendale, Texas-The Ector County Sheriff’s Office held their October “Donuts with a Deputy” Community Event at the Gardendale Community Center on Tuesday morning, October 18th. Officers had the opportunity to visit with residents of Gardendale enjoying coffee and donuts. 

(Eddie Mancha, Chief Deputy-Ector County Sheriff’s Office-Odessa, Texas) 

Ector County Commissioner Precinct 2, Greg Simmons attended the “Donuts with a Deputy” supporting the efforts of The Ector County Sheriff’s Office in bridging the gap between local law enforcement and the communities of Ector County. 

(Greg Simmons, Ector County Commissioner, Pct. 2-Odessa, Texas) 

The population of Gardendale has increased significantly over several years, and with that growth, crime has increased as well. 

(Mike Griffis, Ector County Sheriff-Ector County Sheriff’s Office-Odessa, Texas) 

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Author: Danny Barrera

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