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Odessa, Texas/December 28, 2022-An event called “Gathering Ladies That Reign” and “Justice for My Jewel” was held at The Copper-Rose Event Center to educated all genders and ages of the health concerns and essentials needed to live a full healthy life. 

(Jessica Urias, Reign Ambassador, Reign Health & Wellness) 

According to information provided by Reign Health and Wellness-the World Health Organization reports that within two hours of a female putting on traditional pads, about 107 germs per cubic centimeter are developed on the surface of the pad. 

(Jessica Urias, Reign Ambassador, Reign Health & Wellness) 

When chemicals in most tampons come in contact with a female’s skin, the chemicals are absorbed straight into the bloodstream creating a risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. 

(Jessica Urias, Reign Ambassador, Reign Health & Wellness) 

14-year-old Alizah Dominguez has been using the Reign Health & Wellness pads and tampons and reports feeling healthier during her 28-day cycle. 

(Alizah Dominguez, 14 years-of-age/Uses Reign Health & Wellness Products) 

Chelsea Rambo had a difficult time during her 28-day cycle. She had bad cramping, had trouble walking and experienced leg cramps and vomiting. Switching to Reign pads and tampons made life less stress full during her cycle. 

(Chelsea Rambo, Uses Reign Health & Wellness Products) 

If you need more information on the Reign Health & Wellness products text or call Jessica Urias at (432)-349-9242. Also visit 

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