Lawsuit filed by the Gaven Norris Law firm Triggers Odessa City Council “Re-Do”

Odessa, Texas/January 10, 2023-The filing of a law suit by the Gaven Norris Law Firm against the City of Odessa and each member of the Odessa City Council triggered a “do-over” for the council to allow residents of Odessa to speak against the termination of City Manager, Michael Marrero and City Attorney, Natasha Brooks, despite the positive job performance and evaluation by the previous council. 

(Gaven Norris, Attorney-The Gaven Norris Law Firm-Odessa, Texas) 

Long time Odessan, Gene Collins voiced the history he had with Michael Marrero in developing projects in the southside of Odessa. 

(Gene Collins, Resident/Pastor/NAACP-Odessa, Texas) 

Several key staff members that have working knowledge of and operations of the City of Odessa have retired early, causing concern with Mari Willis, former Odessa City Council Member, District 5. 

(Mari Willis, Former Odessa City Council Member, District 5-Odessa, Texas) 

Savanah Morales, a resident of Odessa and an outspoken critic of Mayor Javier Joven would like to see a mayoral candidate in the next local election cycle step up and be a real representative of the people of Odessa. 

(Savanah Morales, Concerned Citizen-Resident of Odessa) 

Commentary on social media suggested that the Odessa City Manager, Michael Marrero and Odessa City Attorney Natasha Brooks were terminated by Mayor Javier Joven and the new City Council due to the game rooms that were popping up around the city of Odessa. 

(Javier Joven, Mayor-City of Odessa/Odessa, Texas) 

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Author: Danny Barrera

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