Longtime Odessa Resident Elva Cisneros Celebrates 90th Birthday with City Proclamation

Odessa, Texas/April 1, 2023-Family and friends gathered at San Jacinto Park to celebrate longtime Odessan Elva Cisneros 90th birthday. Mark Matta, Odessa City Councilman, District 1 read a city Proclamation honoring Elva Cisneros. 

(Mark Matta, City Councilman, District 1-Odessa City Council/Odessa, Texas) 

Elva Cisneros is an inspiration to many. She maintains her health by exercising and walking around the San Jacinto Park, while beautifying the park by picking up trash.  

(Elva Cisnero’s, Celebrating her 90th Birthday) 

(Sylvia Cisneros-Murray, Daughter) 

Elva Cisneros’ son-in-law and her grandchildren gathered around her showing off her dancing skills. 

(Gary Duesler, Son-In Law) 

(Chris Deusler 

Elva Cisneros and her husband the late Ignacio Cisneros inspire their grandchildren through a rich history of humble beginnings, coming from Mexico and establishing themselves in business and being part of non-profit organizations in Odessa. 

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