Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month Ceremony at the Ector County Courthouse

Odessa, Texas/April 4, 2023-Harmony Home along with local law enforcement and first responders held the Child Abuse Prevention Awareness ceremony. Mayor Javier Joven read a City Proclamation acknowledging the endless effort by the Odessa Police Department, Ector County Sheriff’s Office and advocates for child safety to protect the children of the community from abusers. 

(Dustin Fawcett, Ector County Judge-Ector County/Odessa, Texas) 

Odessa Police Assistant Chief and Sheriff Mike Griffs spoke at the ceremony suggesting increased penalties for those who are convicted of child abuse. 

(Dustin Fawcett, Ector County Judge-Ector County/Odessa, Texas) 

If you suspect anyone of endangering a child’s life or wellbeing, contact local law enforcement. 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera.  


Author: Danny Barrera

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