Mayor Javier Joven 2nd Annual 5 Prayers for Odessa Hosted by MCM Elegante Hotel and Conference Center

Odessa, Texas/May 9, 2023-Mayor Javier Joven recently held the 2nd annual 5 prayers for Odessa, hosted by MCM Elegante Hotel and Conference Center. Odessa City Council Members, Greg Connell, District 3 and Denise Swanner, City Councilwoman, City at Large and Mark Matt, District 1 along with multi-church members attended the praise and worship event. 

(Javier Joven, Mayor-City of Odessa, Odessa, Texas) 

First Priority of America Ministry with a chapter in the Permian Basin. Unite church and church leaders and city leaders to make a positive difference in the community.  

 (Marty Mendez, Participant-Inner Court Worship/Midland, Texas) 

Ministry members of Inner Court Worship and First Priority Ministries visit Permian High School from time to time, offering ministry opportunities to students. 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera. 


Author: Danny Barrera

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