Odessa Chamber of Commerce Welcomes New 3rd Year Texas Tech Medical Students

Odessa, Texas/May 13, 2023-The Odessa Chamber of Commerce and Medical Center Health System hosted a reception for Year 3 Texas Tech Health Science Center medical students. Approximately 30 medical students were welcomed by representatives of the Odessa Chamber of Commerce, MCH, and Mayor Javier Joven. 

(Renee Earls, President/CEO-Odessa Chamber of Commerce/Odessa, Texas) 

The Odessa Chamber is the only non-political organization to host new medical students and welcome them to the Odessa community. With a growing population It is hoped that these medical students will one day return and practice medicine in Odessa. 

(Renee Earls, President/CEO-Odessa Chamber of Commerce/Odessa, Texas) 

In 2018, Texas had about 54 primary care physicians per 100,000 people. Many Texans live in underserved counties and end up traveling hours for medical care. 

(Austin Rodgers, 3rd Year Texas Tech Medical Student/President-Class of 2025-Texas Tech Health Science Center/Odessa, Texas) 

Each 3rd years medical student received a backpack loaded with information on banking and other businesses, as well as assorted gift cards. 

For DRB Media Communcations Digital News, Danny Barrera 


Author: Danny Barrera

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