Four Candidates for Odessa City Manager Selected for Trimetrics and Interview Process for June 20th

Odessa, Texas/June 7, 2023-On Tuesday, June 6th, the Odessa City Council held a special public meeting regarding the progress in the hiring of a new city manager. A representative of T2 Professional Consulting presented a recap of the requirements and process referred for the candidates applying for Odessa city manager position created by council members with the collaboration of T2 Professional Consulting. The Odessa City Council had three options to consider and voted unanimously on option 3-to continue with consulting firm until August 13th. 

(Javier Joven, Mayor-Odessa City Council/Odessa, Texas) 

The term TRIMETRICS are benchmarks that were set by the Odessa City Council during an open meeting earlier this year. Some of the benchmarks include Integrity, leadership, communication and other concepts that are requirements for the new city manager. 

(Javier Joven, Mayor-Odessa City Council/Odessa, Texas) 

Under 100 people from the State of Texas and from across the country applied for the Odessa city manager position. T2 Professional Consulting chose fifty qualified applicants and narrowed it down to four candidates. 

(Steve Thompson, Councilman-District 2, Odessa City Council/Odessa, Texas) 

The vision of the Odessa City Council is of a City Manager that will live up to the benchmarks that council has mandated. 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera 

Author: Danny Barrera

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