City of Odessa and Project One-Eleven Held Fentanyl Awareness for Parents

Odessa, Texas/October 31, 2023-The City of Odessa and Project 1:11 hosted a Fentanyl Awareness for parents at Woodson Park in South Odessa. Parents brought their children in costumes to the Halloween themed event. 

(Denise Swanner, Councilmember At-Large-City of Odessa, Texas) 

Odessa Fire Rescue and Odessa Police Department brought emergency vehicles and the SWAT team assault vehicles and hardware. Information was handed out to parents on the dangers of Fentanyl. 

(Jason Cotton, Fire Chief-Odessa Fire Rescue/Odessa, Texas) 

NARCAN, which is used to neutralize an overdose of a controlled substance, is available over the counter. 

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Author: Danny Barrera

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