NMC Chef Showdown Culinary Event-Battle for the Golden Skillet Award

Odessa, Texas/March 3, 2024-The Nonprofit Management Center held the NMC Chef Showdown, a new and unique culinary event that brought together local chefs that competed for the BATTLE FOR THE GOLDEN SKILLET Award. 

(Evan Thomas, Co-Chair-NMC Chef Showdown/Odessa, Texas) 

Guests at the Chef Showdown enjoyed live entertainment, interactive cooking demonstrations, and sampled a variety of dishes. 

(Yvette Hernandez, Chef Competitor-Mi Cocinita Food Truck and Catering/Odessa, Texas) 

Chef John Vanbergrift of Midland Meat Company Half Acre won the NONPROFIT MANAGEMENT CENTER GOLDEN SKILLET Award. 

(John Vanbergrift, Chef-NMC Golden Skillet Winner/Midland Meat Company Half Acre) 

The Nonprofit Management Center Chef Showdown-Golden Skillet Award was a success. There are plans for the 2nd Annual NMC Chef Showdown coming next year. 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera. 

Author: Danny Barrera

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