West Texas Food Bank Receives 4,860 Pounds of Apples from United Family of Supermarkets and Market Street

Odessa, Texas/April 26, 2024-On Wednesday, April 24th, United Supermarkets and Market Street donated 4,860 pounds of apple to the West Texas Food Bank. The donation is part of the “Take a Bite out of Hunger” program. 

(Kris Phillips, Store Director-Market Street-Odessa, Texas) 

The United Family and Market Street provide special packages of apples that is sold to store guest that go towards the “Take a Bite Out of Hunger” program 

The United Family has partnered with FirstFruits for 14 years. The two companies have donated more than 600,000 pounds of apples and fed 167, 000 families. 

(Libby Stephens, Chief Executive Officer-West Texas Food Bank/Odessa-Midland, Texas) 

Emergency food boxes are distributed on Wednesdays at the West Texas Food Bank in Odessa, and on Thursdays at the West Texas Food Bank in Midland. 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera. 


Author: Danny Barrera

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