Ector County Courthouse Closes Again Due To Flooding

Odessa, Texas/June 3, 2024-On Monday morning, June 3rd, at approximately 10am, employees, Judges and staff evacuated the Ector County Courthouse due to a major water break within the building. The water damage affected the County Clerk’s Office and the basement where an archive of records is stored. 

(Dustin Fawcett, Ector County Judge-Ector County/Odessa, Texas) 

Visitors to the courthouse that had pending court appointments and other business were turned away. During the month of February 2023, the Ector County Courthouse experienced a water break that affected offices, courtrooms and other important locations within the aging building. 

(Dustin Fawcett, Ector County Judge-Ector County/Odessa, Texas) 

Due to the poor infrastructure and old turn-off valves the aging water pipes  gave way to water pipe ruptures. 

(Billy Carrigan, Building Maintenance Director-Ector County/Odessa, Texas) 

It is unknown what the cost of the damage is or how much money the County lost from business transactions due to the closing of the Courthouse. Ector County Judge Dustin Fawcett said that the Courthouse should be open for business Tuesday morning, June 4th at 8am. 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera. 


Author: Danny Barrera

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