TXU Energy Sponsors Salvation Army Cooling Station and an Energy Aid Check

Odessa, Texas/July 8, 2024-TXU recently announced that it is sponsoring a cooling station at the Salvation Army in Odessa and Midland. The summer months are extremely hot, and staying cool and safe is very important.   

(Kim Campbell-Senior Manager/Customer Advocacy-TXU Energy) 

There is no charge to enter the cooling station. Water, entertainment and games are provided at both Salvation Army locations. 

(Kim Campbell-Senior Manager/Customer Advocacy-TXU Energy) 

TXU Energy presented an Energy Aid check to the Salvation Army of Odessa and Midland to help TXU Energy customers in a crisis situation pay their electric bill. 

(Lt. Jacobs Gilliam, Associate Corp. Officer-Salvation Army/Odessa, Texas) 

TXU Energy reminds to also reach out to West Texas Opportunities or call 211. 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera. 


Author: Danny Barrera

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