Annual Santa Claus Landing Event Kicking Off Holiday Season

Odessa, Texas/November 20, 2023-This past Saturday Music City Mall kicked off the Holiday Season. Hundreds of people came out to the annual Santa Claus Landing. Even though Santa arrived by land via Odessa Fire Rescue, families and children were excited to see Santa Claus. 

(Visitors to Santa Claus Landing Event, Music City Mall, 4101 E. 42nd St./Odessa, Texas) 

This year’s festivities offered free activities and entertainment for the entire family. 

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Downtown Odessa Hosted Letters to Santa & 27th Annual Parade of Lights


Odessa, Texas/December 5, 2022-Downtown Odessa, Inc. hosted LETTERS TO SANTA a free event this past Saturday. Families with their children came to the Copper-Rose Building for this free event. 

(Casey Hallmark, Executive Director, Downtown Odessa-Odessa, Texas) 

Owners of the Copper-Rose Building celebrated their second year being part of the Odessa community by making available a historic venue for events this Christmas season.  

(Beverly Hearn, Owner-Copper-Rose Building, Downtown Odessa) 

Downtown Odessa, Inc. Celebrated the 27th annual Parade of lights on Saturday, December 3rd. Over 126 organizations registered for the parade with over 300 vehicle interties. 

Awards were given out in several categories: individual Family, school, nonprofit/community Organizations and commercial business for creative floats.  

Individual Family 

1st – Old Guy’s Car Club  


1st – OHS Football  

2nd – OHS Baseball  

3rd – OHS Cheer  

Nonprofit/Community Organization  

1st – Odessa Lightning  

2nd – City of Odessa  

3rd – OCTech Spirit Club  

Commercial Business  

1st – American Eagle  

2nd – Diamond Mobile Homes  

3rd – Uno Hot Shot Services Corporation 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera 


Santa Claus visited sixty-eight 3 and 4 year-olds at the Pre-K Academy classrooms at Midland College. Students dressed up in their PJ’s for the special visit.

(Lori smith-Principal-Pre-K Academy at Midland College)

Santa’s visit give these young students an opportunity to ask Santa questions or tell Santa what they want for Christmas.

(Lori smith-Principal-Pre-K Academy at Midland College)

(Zaxton KIng and A’Meri Rose O’Neal-Students/Pre-K Academy at Midland College)

Children asked for a wide variety of Christmas presents from the traditional to non-traditional.

(Santa Claus-Visits Pre-K Academy at Midland College

(Zaxton KIng and A’Meri Rose O’Neal-Students/Pre-K Academy at Midland College)

The Pre-K students had a wonderful time visiting with Santa. Children made hot chocolate and watched the Grinch movie.

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera.