Cold Case Investigations of the Texas Rangers Ep 5-James “Jimmy” Schuessler 2001 Cold Case

On Sunday, October 14th, 2001, Mason County Sheriff’s Office and The Texas Rangers responded to a Ranch on State Highway 29 in Mason County. 

The deceased body of James “Jimmy” Schuessler was found inside his residence at the ranch. The Texas Rangers, Texas Highway Patrol and Mason County Sheriff’s Office initiated an investigation into the death of Jimmy. 

Jimmy Schuessler was well known in the Mason community and was involved in farming, ranching, hunting and was a local business owner. 

The investigation revealed that Jimmy had met with someone at his residence. It is believed that an argument and altercation occurred. Evidence found at the scene included DNA, fingerprints, and blood stain patterns inside and outside of his residence along with the injuries Jimmy suffered, this altercation was more than a fist fight over a disagreement. 

Jimmy Schuessler had different business and personal dealings with numerous persons in and around Mason County and not all those dealings were favorable, it is unknown what led to the altercation that ended Jimmy’s life. 

Jimmy Schuessler was a son, brother, husband and father of two. Jimmy’s family and friends need to have questions answered and find closure. 



Author: Danny Barrera

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