Cold Case Investigations of the Texas Rangers Ep 5-James “Jimmy” Schuessler 2001 Cold Case

On Sunday, October 14th, 2001, Mason County Sheriff’s Office and The Texas Rangers responded to a Ranch on State Highway 29 in Mason County. 

The deceased body of James “Jimmy” Schuessler was found inside his residence at the ranch. The Texas Rangers, Texas Highway Patrol and Mason County Sheriff’s Office initiated an investigation into the death of Jimmy. 

Jimmy Schuessler was well known in the Mason community and was involved in farming, ranching, hunting and was a local business owner. 

The investigation revealed that Jimmy had met with someone at his residence. It is believed that an argument and altercation occurred. Evidence found at the scene included DNA, fingerprints, and blood stain patterns inside and outside of his residence along with the injuries Jimmy suffered, this altercation was more than a fist fight over a disagreement. 

Jimmy Schuessler had different business and personal dealings with numerous persons in and around Mason County and not all those dealings were favorable, it is unknown what led to the altercation that ended Jimmy’s life. 

Jimmy Schuessler was a son, brother, husband and father of two. Jimmy’s family and friends need to have questions answered and find closure. 



Texas Ranger Bicentennial Community & Recruitment Day at the Bush Convention Center

Midland, Texas/March 24, 2023-The 2023 Texas Rangers Bicentennial event continued Thursday, March 23rd at the Bush Convention Center in downtown Midland. 

The signature event is a way to educate the public on the history of the Texas Rangers and a recruitment opportunity for those who are interested in being a part of the Texas Department of Public Safety. 

(Russell S. Molina, Chairman-Bicentennial Texas Rangers-Texas) 

Thursday’s Community and recruitment Day included a blood drive, several community organizations and non-profits a lecture series presented by Dr. Jody Edward Ginn. The event also featured living historians representing clothing worn by the newly formed Texas Rangers throughout several eras, as well as vintage tools and weapons. 

(Russell S. Molina, Chairman-Bicentennial Texas Rangers-Texas) 

On Friday, March 24th, the 2023 Company E Region 4 Department of Public Safety Texas Ranger Bicentennial concluded with the Sporting Clay Shoot Competition at Windwalker Farms in Martin County. 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera. 


March 22nd – 24th 2023 Company E Region IV Texas Ranger Bicentennial Week – Midland, Texas

Midland, Texas/March 22, 2023-Company E Region IV is celebrating Texas Ranger Bicentennial Week beginning March 22nd through March 24th in Midland. 

The Texas Rangers and The Texas Department of Public Safety invited the public to the Haley Museum to showcase the assets of the Rangers and DPS. 

(Sgt. Steven Blanco, Safety Education and Media Communications-Texas DPS-West Texas Region-Midland, Texas ) 

The Texas Rangers Bicentennial Year 1823 to 2023 kicked off the signature event in Midland and offers recruitment opportunities. 

(Russell S. Molina, Chairman-Texas Ranger Bicentennial-Texas)   

(Dr. Jody Edward Ginn, Director of Development-Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum-Waco, Texas) 

Funding for a traveling museum is in the works as well as a memorial to be built and placed on the grounds at Texas DPS in Austin. 

(Dr. Jody Edward Ginn, Director of Development-Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum-Waco, Texas) 

Thursday, March 23rd from 10am to 2pm is a public event at the Bush Convention Center in downtown Midland. The event will include a blood drive, living historians, a lecture series and more. 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera. 


DPS Arrests Eight in Joint Human Trafficking Operations-DRB Media Communications Digital News

Midland, Texas/October 2022-On October 18th, 2022, the Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division and the Midland County Sheriff’s Office conducted a Human Trafficking and Online Solicitation Operation in Midland, supported by DPS Highway Patrol and Counter Terrorism Divisions. 

As a result of this operation, eight suspects were arrested and are now facing the charge of Solicitation of Prostitution which is State Jail Felony. 

Felipe De Jesus Lemus, 29, of Van Wheeler, Texas 

Ronnie Dixon, 38, of Midland, Texas 

Trey Luckey, 51, of Midland, Texas 

Austin Barnes, 38, of Odessa, Texas 

Christopher Holmes, 27, of Lufkin, Texas 

Albert Solis, 37, of Sweetwater, Texas 

Wilbert Ruiz, 40, of Burleson, Texas 

Also arrested was Gene Powell, Jr. Of Gardendale, Texas who was the current Public Information Office for TxDot Odessa area. 

The goal of the Human Trafficking Operation was to target individuals soliciting prostitutes, as well as to identify and apprehend individuals suspected to be involved in human trafficking by using various websites to solicit sexual acts. 

If you are a victim of human trafficking or have information about this type of criminal activity, contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at (888)373-7888. 

This is DRB Media Communications Digital News. 

6th Annual First Responders Breakfast-DRB Media Communications Digital News

Odessa, Texas/September7, 2022-La Margarita Mexican Food Restaurant hosted the 6th Annual First Responder Breakfast at La Margarita Fairgrounds. The Odessa Police Department, Odessa Fire Rescue and other first responder agencies enjoyed a wide selections of breakfast items. 

(Michael Marrero, City Manager-Odessa, Texas) 

Trini Morales, owner of La Margarita Mexican Food Restaurant is a business that has always shown appreciation for what first responders do for the Odessa community. 

(Michael Gerke, Chief of Police-Odessa Police Department-Odessa, Texas) 

(John Alvarez, Fire Chief, Odessa Fire Rescue-Odessa Fire Department) 

Many local first responders come from different parts of the state and from around the country. These first responders get to experience firsthand the community support from residents and businesses. 

(Eddie Mancha, Chief Deputy-Ector County Sheriff’s Department-Odessa, Texas) 

(Javier Joven, Mayor-Odessa, Texas) 

During the 86th Texas Legislative Session, lawmakers passed House Bill 1090, Which changes the definition of a first responder to include an emergency responder, operator or emergency services dispatcher, who provides communication support services. 

(Michele Racca, Director-Public Safety Communications-Odessa/Ector County, Texas) 

(Yolanda Acosta, Deputy-District Court Officer-Ector County Sheriff’s Office-Odessa, Texas) 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera. 


Midland, Texas/July 16, 2022-The Midland Soup Kitchen Ministries hosted the Midland County Sheriff’s Office Ice Cream and Popsicle Family Event. 

Children enjoyed tasty frozen treats and played in the jumpers and cooled off sliding down the water slide. 

(Sheriff David Criner, Midland County Sheriff’s Office-MIdland, Texas) 

The Midland Police Department, The Midland Fire Department, the Midland County Sheriff’s Office and The Texas Department of Public Safety showed off protective and tactical gear, hardware and tactical vehicles. 

(Sgt. Stephen Blanco, Safety Education and Media Communications-West Texas Region) 

The Midland County Sheriff’s Office and other local law enforcement agencies are being pro-active bridging the gap, between law enforcement and the community. 

(Sheriff David Criner, Midland County Sheriff’s Office-MIdland, Texas) 

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