Ector County ISD Welcomes Students Back to School

West Odessa-Ector County/Odessa, Texas/August 9, 2023-Ector County ISD welcomed students to the first day of school at several elementary schools across the district: Jordan Elementary, Burleson Elementary and Carver. 

(Scott Muri, Superintendent of Schools-Ector County ISD/Odessa) 

Students at Buddy West Elementary in West Odessa were excited to see old friends and making new friends as well as meeting the new first year teacher. 

(Lesslie Ronquillo, First Year 5 Grade Math Teacher-G.E. Buddy West Elementary School/Ector County ISD-Odessa, Texas) 

Ector County ISD estimates about 33,500 students will be attending school during the 2023-2024 school year. 

(Scott Muri, Superintendent of Schools-Ector County ISD/Odessa) 

Ector County ISD reminds motorists to be aware that school has started, and students are walking to and from school, and buses are on the road. 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera. 

Odessa Police Department’s Annual Block Party at Floyd Gwin Park

Odessa, Texas/August 4, 2023-Bring the kids and the entire family to the Odessa Police Department’s Annual Block Party, Saturday, August 5th from 10am to 2pm at Floyd Gwin Park located at 10th and North County Rd. West. 

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Odessa, Texas/August 10, 2022-The first day of school began for Pre-K through 5th grade as-well as for 6th and 9th graders. Ector County ISD is phasing in grade levels at different days throughout the week to help students adjust to the new school environment. 

(Scott Muri, Superintended of School at Ector County ISD) 

Officers with Ector County ISD Police have been preparing for the new school year, making sure that students are safe. 

(Todd Hiner, Ector County ISD Police Chief) 

New students at Bonham began the new school day learning core values to help them grow during their academic school year. 

(Juan Dominguez, Bonham Middle School, Principal-ECISD) 

Students at ECISD will have the opportunity to engage with teachers from 16 different countries as part of the teaching staff. Ector County ISD started the new school year with pay increases for teacher as well as for hourly employees. 

(Scott Muri, Superintended of School at Ector County ISD)