Ector County Commissioners Meeting for Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Odessa, Texas/March 17, 2024-On Tuesday, March 12th during the regularly scheduled meeting of the Ector County Commissioners, the court approved the donation of plant seeds to Michelle Lee Spinks who is volunteering her time to help revitalize Kellus-Turner Park in west Ector County. 

(Michelle Lee Spinks, Volunteer-Revitalization Project/Kellus-Turner Park/West Ector County-Odessa, Texas) 

The Commissioners Court also approved the appointment of former Midland Public Library Director, and the current Executive Director of the Literacy Coalition of the Permian Basin John Trischitti to the Ector County Library board. 

(Tim Ogilby, Chairman-Ector County Library Advisory Committee/Odessa, Texas) 

During the Ector County 

Commissioners meeting the agenda item regarding maintenance issues with the old elevators at the Ector County Courthouse was tabled, even though there are safety concerns where visitors using the elevators could get trapped inside. 

(Billy Carrigan, Director of Building Maintenance-Ector County/Odessa, Texas) 

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For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera. 




Odessa, Texas/April 6, 2022-The Ector County library committee held an English and Spanish community forum to discuss a new library and modernize library content. The current 3 story library is several decades old and outdated, and difficult to staff. 

(Randy Ham, Ector County Library Committee/Executive Director-Odessa Arts) 

The Ector County Library Committee discussed with residents a public library that would provide the needs of the community with programs and services for the next 30 years. 

(Randy Ham, Ector County Library Committee /Executive Director-Odessa Arts) 

Ector County Commissioner, Precinct 4, Armando Rogriguez, would like to see the new library as a multi-purpose facility. Providing visitors with restaurants and retail stores within or around the new library. 

(Armando Rodriguez, Ector County Commissioner, Pct. 4) 

The estimated population of Latino residents in Ector County is at or above 60%. The Ector County Library only provides 5% of Spanish language books and literature. 

(Randy Ham, Ector County Library Committee /Executive Director-Odessa Arts) 

The Ector County Library Committee visited the Midland Centennial Library to gather information regarding staff, applications for library cards, programs and other services. 

For DRB Media Communications Digital News, Danny Barrera.